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My publications

Since I am a researcher I though I would add a page where I describe my publications and provide some metadata, where appropriate. Below I will list publications chronologically and provide som background about them or comments.


The changing concept of a book – an article about ‘digitality’ and the ‘eBook’

In 2010 I presented a paper at a IEEE sponsored conference, labelled DEST 2010 ( in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, labelled: “Leaving twentieth-century understanding of documents”. This was actually a paper that I started working on after a conference in Tromsø in 2005. This conference was quite informal and was labelled a “summer school” where the term “document” and in particular the verb “to document” was at focus. The paper was more or less completed in 2008 at my research stay in Davis, CA and “forgotten” for a while because of other work relating to my PhD.

In this article, we start out with a scenario of an “eBook”. The scenario is by itself not very radical or scifi, but it provides a background for a discussion of whereto ‘digitality’ and the networked information world is developing what we used to denote “a book”.

The complete article is available for those of you who have access to the IEEE Explore: Direct Link


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