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#1 Windows 8 advice from my perspective

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  • At any point in time: hit Windows key (four squares key) and start typing what you are looking for

My hypothesis is that over half of the people who genuinely dislike Win8 has not found this feature. -And why would they – it is completely invisible!

Since I am now a part of Microsoft I am frequently confronted with how difficult Windows 8 is compared to older versions of Windows. Since my knowledge and competence resides within human computer interaction it seems fair to confront me with such issues, even though – people point out – I do not work with the OS and user interface, and have a limited time with the company so far. Even so, I feel it appropriate to at least share an advice from my own adoption of Win8 about one year ago (I was a daily Mac OS X user from 2007-2013). People tell me that they have really tried and make an effort, but cannot seem to overcome the hurldes of the new mental models introduced with Win8. Being “stuck” in a touch user interface seems to be high on the list of issues. How do I find my programs and documents? Where is the Start button?!

My advice is very simple – and has been tested on my closest set of test-users with great success. It is even a search-advice, which also is appropriate since I work with search!

win8(key) + query


WIN+your search – simple and powerful.


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