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Ok – so now I have submittet my thesis (this Thursday, as a matter of fact). Almost 8 calendar years of work – and little over 4 years of actual work (!). A very long process has come to an end. The work summarized in the thesis has been a significant part of my life for longer than what most PhDs take to complete. Since my better half has been a student I have been able to (and required to-) stay at home with both of our current children for the first year of their life.

We have lived for one year in California (2007-2008), in Davis, CA and I have visited UC Davis as a researcher with the Department of Health Informatics. Our oldest son was 2.5 years when we arrived and switched mother tongue while in Preschool (Montesorri Country Day). A lot of wonderful memories and lessons learned.

Eight great years have come to an end. The last two I have worked at the IT Dept. at University of Tromsø, though – and have not been able to work with the PhD other than nights and a couple of weeks now and then. I am, of course, thrilled to be done with the work, but – still – it is almost as if I am a little sad that it is over. Since I was little kid I have wanted to “become a researcher”. These eight years have certainly taught me how to do research but it has also been a fascinating journey. -Although not an easy ride – it has provided a fair share of disappointments and challenges as well – in the end I am very greatful to the people and “circumstances” that has allowed me to fulfill my dream: to one day become a researcher!


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